Brønnum Cocktail Bar is located in an old historical listed building and has just been reverently refurbished. Brønnum is more than its majestic location. It is a time machine oozing with history paired with a phenomenal exploit for your senses of tastes, smells and harmonies, waiting for you to embark on an adventure.
The house has a spacious and welcoming feel with a history of being café, bar & restaurant for more than 125 years. It is steeped in history. Famous Danish musicians, artists & writers, including H. C. Andersen, have frequented the place through its colorful history. Both society’s highs and lows, notorious and famous, have been eating, drinking and dancing here through the ages.

We have 6 rooms ensuite and The Game Room where you can enjoy a round of pool or a tournament on the antique Table Football. The rooms facing the street are bright both in respect of colour scheme and furniture. The venue becomes progressively darker and warmer as you move through the Cloudscape in the Oval room. In the back of the house you will find the smaller Salon Bar.

Music will be correspondingly softened towards the back of the house. This makes it possible to engage in conversations with your friends even on a busy Friday night. Meanwhile the front of the house is in a decidedly festive atmosphere.

Brønnum has an outdoor serving area facing the Royal Theatre and the grand central plaza of Kongens Nytorv. The house also has a spacious, secluded courtyard. It is a perfectly hidden gem to enjoy yourself whilst taking a break from the vibrant city atmosphere.

Brønnum is an equally perfect spot to enjoy an invigorating post-shopping glass of champagne, a vibrant cocktail or 2 before or after dinner, hang out with friends, meet up with business connections or simply wind down with one of our Cuban cigars and a matching cocktail.