This Summer we are hosting a series of ambitious and exciting events. Some of the city's finest Chefs will be coming into Ruby to produce an array of delicious dishes. For each event we will be curating a menu that compliments the food. Please note that this is not a food and cocktail pairing, but a laid-back setting where you can enjoy great food and great drinks. We cannot wait for you to enjoy these exciting collaborations.

This is what I will be putting at the start of all the Social Media posts, followed by the details of the next event/Chef. If you have any suggestions or if you have noticed bad grammar (which is likely), let me know.


Like most good things in life we are not easily accessible. ‘All good journeys start with a leap into the unknown’ Paul Theroux said, and we couldn’t agree more. Ruby is placed in an old townhouse from 1740 in the oldest part of town, facing the parliament buildings and Thorvaldsens museum. The building has been used for many purposes during the years; everything from a book press to private bank and even part of the cultural ministry. Most important to our history is the fact that the Danish Spirit Producers (Det Danske Spiritus Kompagni) was founded in these rooms in 1882 and formed it selves here with Tietgen, Christian Oleson and Isidor Henenius as the founding fathers. That makes it even more natural for us to serve the best possible cocktails from this address at Nybrogade. The area where we preside today was back in the 17 century known for dive bars where fishermen and farmers spend a little of their hard earned money on a dram. Ruby opened its doors on the 21st June in 2007 on Nybrogade 10. We have since then become an institution in the Danish cocktail industry and has been rewarded with several international nomination and credits. At Ruby we strive to give the guests an experience with great cocktails in a timeless atmosphere. We hope to help you forget everything else other than your friends, colleagues, cocktails and happy thoughts. That is what you deserve.





Lille Fortun

Upcoming Pop-Ups


Past Pop-Ups

Luca pizza on the terrace

Ruby Chef Takeover Series: Sushi Sho -Stockholm

Gin Cocktail Tasting

Ruby Chef Takeover Series: Jonathan Tam - JATAK

Ruby Chef Takeover Series: Kamilla Seidler-Restaurant Lola

Ruby Chef Takeover Series: Alan Bates-Connection

Ruby Chef Takeover Series: Il Buco