Giant Steps
Swan Wharf, Dace Rd.
E3 2NN London

This coming weekend, Hackney Wick’s Giant Steps will include an exciting food showcase from BASTARDA, a collaborative project by sommelier Honey Spencer and chef Anaïs Van Manen. An addition to Giant’s Step’s full weekend programme of performances, Spencer and Manen have merged their talents and experience to present an innovative mash-up of food and wine.

The new concept is a bit of a mishmash - “a totally unique series of intelligent collaborations between innovators and tastemakers across food, booze and art” - but it essentially boils down to a playful, creative menu that brings together Anaïs and Honey’s considerable experience. Spencer and Manen have created an inventive menu to be served on the venue’s canal-side terrace, featuring dishes like “Viet Crack Pizza” and “PP Fried Chicken”.

The site for the event is a Victorian warehouse complex called Swan Warf, located in east London. Spencer and Manen’s creative menu will complement the Giant Steps travelling sound system, which is in residence at Swan Warf for the summer and will be installed at the venue during the event. Every weekend at Swan Warf, Giant Steps presents a new programme of music, events, and parties, enlivening the venue’s indoor event space. This Saturday, the venue will host Danny Bushes and Time is Away; and then on Sunday Jan Schulte (also known as Wolf Müller and Bufiman) will play on the sound system.

Spencer and Manen are a promising duo, who formed their partnership at NUALA where currently Spencer works as head sommelier and Manen as sous chef. Spencer’s experience in the food industry spans continents, having worked for Sager + Wilde in London, 10 William Street in Sydney, Rosforth + Rosforth in Copenhagen and recently for NOMA in Mexico. As a sommelier, Spencer strongly advocates for natural wines. Manen also offers a unique skill set to the project. Her impressive background includes Bones, Import Export CAM in Paris and Trullo.

An all-female collaboration, BASTARDA will showcase the duo’s knack for invention. While it’s the first time we’ve heard of the collaboration, we’ve got a feeling this won’t be the last time we’ll be hearing about BASTARDA, and we're hoping there might be a more permanent base for the project on the cards.

In the meantime, so if you’ve not yet got plans for the weekend sorted, it sounds well worth a punt.I n tandem with music performances and an eclectic venue, Spencer and Manen’s menu is expected to be a hit and will be available for this weekend only.