Quo Vadis Christmas Carol Lunch

Quo Vadis

The Carol Lunch 2020
Friday 18th December​
A few of you have been lamenting to us that it 'won't be the same without QV carols this year​,' to which we graciously reply, 'Where on earth did you get that preposterous idea?!'

Honestly, we thought you might have grasped by now that this Great Dame is dogged in her epicureanism and will not give up a celebration without rigid legislation.


​​Of course things will be different this year. The musical festivities will have to travel to each room in turn and fans of the 'House White' band will not be able to throw themselves upon their heroes.

There resolutely will be a menu including goose pie and winter greens and a big ol' Jeremy Lee pud.

​​Timings will be staggered to allow for distancing. Tickets are £60 and include a welcome drink.