Kyros & Co

Kyros & Co.

Kyros & Co. is a Cocktail lounge located in the centre of Copenhagen, with the sole focus of bringing flavour and experience back to the centerstage of the bar experience.

We have our own distillery in the bar, that gives us a unique ability to produce a 35%+ of our own spirits, this in turn allows us to go further than any bar ever has, in terms of creative imagination.

At Kyros & Co is all about art and craftsmanship. Our serves are inspired not only by nature and science, but by culture, and our desire to surprise & delight.

As such we are more structured like a restaurant, which means we do not allow, standing guests, and have certain rules in-place to ensure such an environment of wonder and exploration.


1. We do not serve Beer, Wine or Champagne. We are a cocktail bar only.

2. While we are in the business of serving you, we reserve the right not to serve certain items. We want to accommodate you, but depth is only reached through focus.

3. Groups of more than 4 must be prebooked via email. Our experience is tailored to the individual, individuality is lost in the masses.

4. We do not allow photography in the bar, beyond yourselves and the drink. What happens in the bar must stay in the bar.

5. We are an environment, where all the senses must be allowed to play out, so speakeasy!


For advanced booking requests please email