La Mifa Restaurant by Anomalie Art Club
123 Storkowerstrasse
10407 Berlin

On April 10, 2018,

For one night only, Florent PIETRAVALLE, the chef cook of LA MIRANDE, Avignon and his brigade will enchant our guests with a 7- course vegetarian gourmet menu.

Paired with the finest wines, he will take us on a journey to the South of France.🍴🍷🇫🇷

Let us enjoy this sensational start which will represent both the starting point and the future trajectory of the restaurant! ❣️

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Florent Pietravalle

Florent Pietravalle, 28, originally from Montpellier, is the chef cook at the La Mirande hotel and restaurant in Avignon, France. Leading up to this current position, he had worked with Pierre Gagnaire for 4 years in Paris and a series of other masters of equal standing. Today, his name is equivocal to fresh, light menus of a refined quality. His love for pure produce is reflected clearly in his culinary creations, each plate telling a story of its own: A sensible way of cooking that appeals to our instinctive desire for unadulterated nature.

La Mirande Avignon

La Mirande is a unique and incomparable hotel, housed in the Palais des Papes, originally built in 1309. It embodies a historical melting point by bringing modern design and cuisine into a building dating back to the days of the popes of Avignon. It was born from the skilled hands of the family Stein, who welcomes its guests in such an inspiring way that all you want to do is to stay there forever and feel the history of La Mirande. The family Stein has mastered the art of preserving and uniting the architectural art and décor of the 17th and 18th century with a modern and eccentric style around art, gastronomy, and wines. Once you have slept in these cozy, regal rooms, enjoyed an extraordinary gourmet dinner, or had breakfast on the terrace under the sky of the Provence, you will understand why we and any other treasure hunter would completely fall in love with this divine hotel.

Jesse & Jeremy

After having extensively travelled the world, the twins Jesse and Jeremy Ajwani, 30, decided to return to their roots by combining all the amazing impressions and experiences they made on their journeys and giving them a home. They turned their vision into a dream factory with endless space for thrilling art, great music, and high-end food and wine. They are offering the possibility for creative minds to join them in order to realize their vision by sharing ideas and collaborating on projects. Now, the twins have taken a further step in realizing their ultimate vision. The Anomalie Art Club will open a new door to a universe of quality cuisine with the grand opening of the restaurant La Mifa in September, 2018. Until then, we will regularly surprise you with “One Shot Wine and Dine” nights! Make sure to be part of these extraordinary immersions that will please all of your senses. Enjoy and bon appétit!

La Mifa

La Mifa stands for family, connection, and reunion amongst people. Our restaurant invites you to a table that presents a high-quality vegetarian and vegan creative kitchen. With seasonal menus created by international chefs and based on a selection of seasonal, local products, Lamifa’s kitchen cherishes the health of body and mind, in order to reconnect with ourselves and with each other - it encourages sustainability and respect toward the earth as well as the temple that is our body.
Our love for nature is equally represented in our vertical garden installation, and resonates within the colors and materials of the design: wood, green velvet, and quartz pink. The love for aesthetics that inspired the design of the space is reflected in the bohemian look and the French bistro echos beautifully contrasting the industrial structure of the room.
At Lamifa, food is art: it is the art of cooking and serving, the art of tasting good wine, the art of spending time together, and being surrounded by visual arts. The restaurant regularly displays art exhibitions and invites artists to share with the guests insights and information about their work.
Lamifa also incorporates a professional bar and offers a remarkable wine selection, alongside a menu of innovative as well as classic cocktails. Our guests can make themselves at home on our sofas, in Lamifa’s cozy atmosphere.
We invite you to enjoy with us and become part of La Mifa !

Wine pairing 

Our winecard was created in collaboation with the Sommelier Sebastien Vicentin from Passion Vin Berlin, with whom we share a passion for high quality, biodynamic wines. Discover with us the incredible notes of France at La Mifa.



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