Markthalle Neun, Stammtisch
Eisenbahnstra├če 42/43
10997 Berlin

Have you ever wondered, "What the hell is tempeh?" Or maybe you've never even heard of tempeh! Fear not, the founders of Ministry of Cultures will enlighten you about this “superfood” from Indonesia and why it is way more than just another meat substitute. They’ll share a brief history of tempeh, why it’s so damn good for you and why they are on a mission to spread the gospel of tempeh with their fresh, artisanal tempeh products. Best of all, you will taste several types of tempeh prepared in different ways. Unlike commercial tempeh, Ministry of Cultures’ products are not pasteurized, so they retain more of the nutritional benefits of the fermentation process and taste way better. If you are already familiar with commercial tempeh, you may be surprised how different and tasty fresh, small-batch tempeh can be!

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