Secret location revealed 48hours before event
10115 Berlin

Victoria Eliasdottir has landed back in Berlin after a stint in Iceland activating the SOE Kitchen of Studio Olafur Elíasson at the Reykjavik harbor. Connecting with nature and opening her mind and palette to new experiences and flavors has given her cooking a stronger focus and direction, which means bold fresh flavors with an honest and contemporary twist.
Previously Elíasdóttir steered the ship of the Dóttir Restaurant along with the Berlin restauranteurs Stephan Landwehr, Moritz Estermann and Boris Radczun.

Starting on May 31st you'll find, hidden in the eastern heart of Berlin, a space created by Elíasdóttir and Maren Beckmann, that humbly celebrates the good things in life.

Elíasdóttir will serve you the finest quality seafood accompanied with local vegetables and wild herbs prepared every so often with Scandinavian methods. On the menu, one might find razor clams with smoked brown butter or arctic thyme and strawberry sorbet served with caramelized chewy meringue.

"We open our doors to a small group of people who are curious and hungry for new flavors and experiences," says Elíasdóttir. "Step into our world for a night and make yourself at home. We will fill you with delicious flavors and surround you with our love and passion for honest food, art, and community. For now, simply trust your gut."

Your ticket options:
7 course menu - 75 EUR
Drink pairing to add on - 45 EUR

A vegetarian menu is available upon request.

For private event or catering requests please contact Maren Beckmann

Photocredits: Timothée Lambrecq, Asdis Asgeirsdóttir