Restaurant Brace
Teglgårdstræde 8A
1452 Copenhagen

An evening for those of you who LOVE truffles as much as we do!

It is the peak of the season for the bianchetto truffles while the black truffles will leave us at the end of March. Lets celebrate these amazing gems by dedicating an evening to all things truffle! We will be using solely the ORGANIC selection of truffles from Tuber Truffle.

At Truffle Tuesday Chef Nicola Fanetti will serve you a menu focused completely around these two truffles of the season. Enjoy them grounded, sliced, pickled and even in dessert.

In a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy great wines, cocktails and beers with your menu.


Fried potato basket with caramel cheese cream, dill and grounded winter black truffle

Hegnsholt egg with wild seasonal herbs and bianchetto truffle

Raviolo del Plin with roasted ramson, jersey milk ricotta, mushroom glaze and sliced winter black truffle

Charred bavette with grilled leek, carrot reduction and pickled black truffle

Truffle ice-cream, hazelnut crumble, balsamic vinegar and  szechuan pepper caramel



Truffle menu = 595 kr per person 

Truffle menu + wine pairing = 995 kr per person 

Aperitif + Truffle menu + wine pairing + coffee/tea = 1165 kr per person

Please note that the tables reservations are confirmed for 2.5h per booking.