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“THE EDIBLE TALES” Chapter Two. Spices & Herbs. By Chef Devon Hou

Next up we are featuring the talented and globally-experienced local chef Devon Hou in her celebration of the world of spices.

Having honed her skills in some of Hong Kong’s finest restaurants, including Amber and Tate Dining Room, Hou also spent years in Europe, working in some of London’s most prestigious restaurants, notably the Spanish tapas specialists, Camino.

As Devon explains, ‘Here at Test Kitchen I combine local Hong Kong touches with my global experience and concepts to make this unique menu for the next pop-up. Herbs and spices are heroed in dishes such as my sous-vide lamb rump which includes more than a dozen in just one dish, but diners will see their complex and nuanced presence in every course at dinner.”

Date: 14 -16 May 2020 (more dates to follow)

Seating: 7:00pm (Limited seats only)

6-Course Tasting Menu: $1180HKD

Wine Pairing: $580HKD

About The Edible Tales

Everything is not what it seems, often our mind creates an imbedded link between taste and ingredient through memory and time, each ingredient has distinct expectations of taste and smell to the majority of the population, when you go beyond these expectations you find a new palatable world of surprise.

In collaboration with Butler HK, “The Edible Tales” takes you on a journey of mouth-watering adventures throughout each Chapter, aiming to change your mind on various ingredient by magically creating a novel tasting menu accompanied by handpicked wines and top-end service team.

After the success launch of Chapter 1 – “Chocolate” by Chef Ray Choi, we continue our tale with Chapter 2 – “Spices and herbs” by Chef Devon Hou, highlighting parts of various plants cultivated for their aromatic and pungent flavours, we will take you on a taste bud tingling journey through each carefully created dish, come join us to discover unexplored flavours of the spice and herb world.



By Chef Devon Hou

◦  Smoke cod roe emulsion  ◦
◦  sakura ebi  ◦  homemade scallion flat bread  ◦

◦  Seared Boston lobster  ◦  beetroot spice sauce  ◦
◦  vanilla turmeric beurre blanc  ◦  orange segment  ◦

◦  3 hrs roasted celeriac  ◦  walnut  ◦  pickle cucumber  ◦
◦  green apple vinaigrette  ◦  basil oil  ◦  butter milk  ◦

◦  Seared Hokkaido scallop  ◦  French monkfish  ◦
◦  laksa foam  ◦  brussels spouts  ◦

◦  Sous vide lamb rump at 60.5C  ◦   marinated pineapple  ◦
◦  cucumber mix herbs sauce  ◦  baby aubergine  ◦

◦  Masala  ◦  treacle  ◦  peanut chocolate crunch  ◦
◦  candy ginger  ◦  yopol crumble  ◦ frozen yogurt  ◦


About Chef Devon Hou:

Devon Hou started her culinary career in Amber at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, where she spent more than three years on learning most of her culinary skills. Her path in a 16-years career journey as a Chef has crossed with different restaurants.

What gives Devon the most memorable experience was her time in the Tate Dining Room. Devon was part of Tate’s founding team of which a Michelin star was awarded to them in just six months time after the opening.

Moving forward, she traveled to London and worked in the Michelin-starred restaurant in London’s Goring Hotel for two years. In addition to Test Kitchen, other culinary practices including L’atelier de Joël Robuchon, Mandarin Grill + Bar, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Café Grey Deluxe, The Upper House definitely contrubuted to shape whom Devon is today.

She has also been an experienced culinary consultant.

About Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen is a pop-up dining movement in Hong Kong. Situated in Sai Ying Pun, the menus are ever changing to showcase up-and-coming chefs from across the world. Whether diners come alone, in pairs, or in groups, they all come to share their passion and love for food. #testkitchenhk