Secret location revealed 24hours before event

Sexy. Fun. Forbidden.

Our perception of fashion is luxurious, glamorous, and beautiful. Silver.Spoon, in collaboration with the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon, will offer up its interpretation of fashion, illuminating and satirizing the industry’s most infamous and controversial stereotypes. But make no mistake, The Dirty Model Edition will be a playful and tongue-in-cheek installation.

Spectators of the evening’s ‘show’ will become participants central in weaving the experience and creating the fashion emporium that is our evening.

Silver.Spoon has chosen to look ‘close to home,’ drawing inspiration for the aesthetics of the evening from famed Portuguese fashion house, Storytailors. The creative teams will inform their design decisions based upon the collection, Unbreakable.

Silver.Spoon chef, Adrien Norwood, will helm the kitchen alongside Chef Pascal Meynard. Chef Norwood is a Los Angeles native who has worked at some of the top kitchens internationally, among others In de Wulf, Broadway by Amar Santana, Geranium, and Dragsholm Slot.



Silver.Spoon, founded in 2009, is a brand communications agency working through gastronomy based out of Copenhagen and Lisbon. Its internationally recognized Guerilla Dining brand is an immersive experience for its members that pushes social and gastronomic boundaries.