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Join us this April for a supper club that celebrates Trees and the arrival of Spring, with a delicious 4 course meal. Our guest chef and collaborative partner is none other than Erin Lang of Bloom & Echo (http://www.bloomandecho.com).

The event has been carefully curated to be a mouth-watering and informative introduction to the world of edible trees.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Arrival Snack

Raw sprouted buckwheat and linseed crisps with essence of birch, cinnamon, and liquorice

topped with curried bread fruit, Moringa leaf pesto and savory sumac fig marmalade.

Small fresh soup

Sweet and tart coconut baobab soup with pickled lotus root.


Standing forest with roasted breadfruit, taro root and steamed moringa pods in a breadfruit

purée topped with sumac, red peppercorns and popped mustard seeds, roasted and balsamic

glazed chestnuts lemon romanesco and baby purple kale florets.


Sweet long onion roots with maple and rice vinegar glazed adzuki beans and an earthy

mushroom sauce with crunchy rye bread crumb. Hazelnut and baobab crusted parsnip

poached in plumb wine. Sweet potato orange and bread fruit puree, moringa pesto, crispy

moringa, curry and lime leaves, and toasted pine nuts.


Rhubarb swirl poached in apple Lillet with cinnamon and candied hazelnut center with

baobab lime leaf and orange blossom mousse.



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