Atelier Henrique Sá Pessoa
Rua Fernando Palha, 49
1950-130 Lisboa

“The Art of Tasting Portugal”, a platform born to highlight Portuguese gastronomy, with a twist

Chefs Agency has just launched a collective nomadic feast, that will make its mark this year.

Chef Rui Silvestre

Rui Silvestre was born in Valongo, in the north of Portugal, but has been living in the Algarve since he was 10 years old. He worked at French, Swiss and Hungarian restaurants for 7 years, highlighting Christophe Bacquié's restaurant. He's been at the Bon Bon since 2014, a 25 year old restaurant located at Carvoeiro in the Algarve, where he attained his first Michelin Star in 2015. 

Although most of his career has been spent abroad, with some experience alongside the Michelin Stared Ferme Saint Simion and Christophe Bacquié, both French, and the Costes in Budapest, lead by Miguel Rocha Vieira. Rui Silvestre's cooking honors the national flavors, inspired by the natural ingredients closer to him: the Algarve's fish and seafood.

The Art of Tasting Portugal

Starting this year, the best of Portugal will be presented in a surprising, unique and ever changing format through “The Art of Tasting Portugal”, a project recently created by Chefs Agency. This new approach to presenting Portuguese gastronomy, whose first event will be held at the Atelier Henrique Sá Pessoa, in Marvila, aims to assert the best and most exclusive products, dishes, wines and eno-gastronomic experiences, with the best players, of the Portuguese food scene. Chefs Agency’s solid experience and long standing synergies, both nationally and internationally, will have a particular influence in the creation of this type of events in the food industry, which has had an increasing impact on the country’s tourism and economy.

The project also aims to offer those who visit Portugal an exclusive experience that concentrates the best of the country, the essence of national gastronomy and its ‘terroirs’, in a unique and surprising context. “The Art of Tasting Portugal” aspires to highlight the fundamental role played by Portugal in the discovery of products, throughout the world, of undeniable importance in gastronomy.