Test Kitchen
158A Connaught Road West - Shop 3 - Sai Ying Pun
999077 Hong Kong

The unique flavours and dishes of Finland return to TEST KITCHEN in January as a true culinary dream team hits Hong Kong in the form of two chefs, the front of house and sommelier from Helsinki’s highly-acclaimed, one Michelin-starred restaurant Grön. 

Grön’s cuisine is based on the highest-quality seasonal, organic and wild Scandinavian produce and their seven-course tasting menu in Hong Kong celebrates some of the finest flavours of Finland. 

Dates: 16-20 January, 2019
Time: 7:00pm & 8:15pm Seating
Location: 158A Connaught Road West, Shop 3, Sai Ying Pun
Price: $1,080 (Finnish 7 Course Menu); $480 (Wine Pairing)

Chef-owner Toni Kostian launched Grön in 2016 and has seen it gain remarkable acclaim in a short space of time, winning first place in ‘Finland’s Bets 50 Restaurants’, ‘Finland’s best restaurant’ from the respected Optio magazine and the huge honour of one Michelin star awarded in February 2018.

"We are all so excited to join Test Kitchen and share our cuisine with the city’s diners, who are some of the most knowledgeable anywhere. Our menu largely celebrates seafood, something we know is very popular in Hong Kong. We’ll be bringing local produce and ingredients with us to ensure that guests get the most authentic taste of our Michelin-starred cuisine."

GRÖN valikko Menu

Scallop cooked in its shell with fermented cep and caramelized butter

Sea urchin roe with ”puikula” potato from Enontekio Lapland and lemon flavours

Butter-basted roasted monkfish loin with hazelnuts and milk

Grilled yellow chicken, mushrooms and grated black truffle

A slice of Finnish cheese with purple shiso and preserved rose petals

Pine needles and white chocolate

Fruit and berries dried under the Nordic sun

About restaurant Grön
Grön focuses on plant-based and inspiring food that has a strong emphasis on high-quality. All this happens in an atmosphere that embodies a relaxed, happy and welcome experience.  The food is based on seasonal, organic, wild Scandinavian produce. What grows now determinates our menu. Grön was awarded ”Finland’s best restaurant” 2018 by Optio magazine,  ”Finland’s 50 best restaurants” list by taking first place and most recently was awarded with a Michelin star in February 2018.

Chef Toni Kostian is the owner and chef of Grön and the heart and soul of the restaurant. Describing his cuisine as tasty, focused, plant-based and inspiring, he likes to concentrate on high quality ingredients. He even makes own preserves for the restaurant during the spring, summer and fall. He feels that is the only way to get interesting ingredients during the cold winter months when nothing grows in Finland. Besides cooking, Chef Toni focuses on the atmosphere in his restaurant. He wants his guests to be happy, relaxed and feel welcomed.