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The Terroir Budapest Forum will bring together international & local chefs, industry leaders, Hungarian producers & restaurateurs, innovators, culinary tourism experts, journalists, media, and wine experts for a one day event working together to shape a sustainable food future for Budapest.

There will be Hungarian audio translation available throughout the day. Tickets are available to buy in cash on the day of the forum for a fixed price of 30,000 HUF

09:30: Registration and breakfast
10:00: Opening remarks and welcome - Arlene Stein and Robert Gilvesy
10:05: Celebrating our gastronomic identity - Andras Jokuti
10:15: Keynote Speaker: The new generation of tourist. How culinary tourism shapes new food destinations - Rebecca Mackenzie
10:30: Local producers talk about their regional terroir
11:15: New products from an old world - Mara Jernigen
11:30: The hidden roots of Hungarian home cooking - Zsofia Mautner
12:00: Hungarian gastronomic identity - What makes Hungarian products unique? with Istvan Veres, Aron Keleman and Miguel Rocha Vieira
12:30: Lunch
13:30: Afternoon sessions 
          - Volcanic wine masterclass with Robert Gilvesy
          - Cocktail masterclass with Dez O'Connell
          - Culinary Tourism Salon with Rebecca Mackenzie and Andras Jokuti
          - Influencer Salon with Per Meurling, Miguel Andrade and Olga Badowska
15:00: Supporting our industry through mentorship - San Pellegrino panel
16:00: What's your terroir? Learnings with international chefs
           - Amanda Cohen
           - Albert Ponzo
           - Sebastian Frank
16:30: Building international relationships through gastronomic programs - Panna Balázsy
16:40: Moderated panel with international chefs and Panna
17:00: Closing remarks  - Robert Gilvesy
Palinka and producer reception

Hungarian Chefs, Producers & Hosts
Robert Gilvesy | Gilvesy Wines
Andras Jokuti | Világevő
Istan Veres | Babel
Zsofia Mautner | Chilli & Vanilla
Panna Balázsy | Globalista Konyha
Áron Kelemen | Mazel Tov
Miguel Rocha Vieira | Costes
Dez O'Connell | Brody House Group
Attila Tálos | Bortársaság
Matyas Szik | Head Sommelier Four Seasons

International Guest Chefs
Amanda Cohen | Dirt Candy | NYC
Albert Ponzo | The Royal Hotel | Canada
Mara Jernigan | Belize & Canada
Sebastian Frank | Horvath | Berlin


During the afternoon we will be hosting two different masterclasses alongside learning salons with our international guests. When purchasing your ticket please select one of the following options for your afternoon session. (Seats in each activity are limited and once sold out we're unable to make changes):

Volcanic Wine Masterclass with Robert Gilvesy (Gilvesy Winery
Participating Wineries: Bott FrigyesLosonci BálintPálffy GyulaSzabó GyulaVáli PéterGilvesy RobertTamás Kis

'Palinka - shaking up the Hungarin spirit': Cocktail masterclass with Dez O'Connell (Brody Studios)

'A Taste of Place: Exploring Budapest's culinary drivers': Culinary Tourism workshop with Rebecca Mackenzie (Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance) and Andras Jokuti

'The Blogger Effect: How food blogs foster positive culinary communities': Learning salon with Per Meurling (Berlin Food Stories, Berlin), Miguel Andrade (Portugal) & Olga Badowska (Mlask, Poland)

- Ticket price includes entry to the forum, breakfast, lunch and drinks throughout the day including a glass of wine. It also includes VAT.
- Ticket price excludes RSVP's fee for the transaction.
- Ticket's purchased using a voucher code will only show up as having the discount at confirmation stage. Please rest assured your discount has been applied.
- If you need a business invoice to complete your transaction please email:



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