Secret location revealed 6hours before event
10719 Berlin

Ladies and Gentlemen,  Lovers of Music and Wine....

I invite you to join me on an exclusive musical journey back to the 18th Century Baroque Epoch.... where we will have the exquisite chance to hear a unique collection of rare music, that has not been played for Centuries!! 

Maximilian Ehrhardt, one of the Internationally leading specialists for historical harps, discovered this collection of music in the National Library of Wales, and will play for us a Solo Harp Concert, which tells the story of a Welsh Harpist in the time of Händel: musically illustrating his journey to London, where the influences of city life - with its Opera and large Orchestra - are blended with the Melancholic and simple beauty of the Songs from his homeland. 

With the glow of an early May Evening,  we will begin with a Gin and Tonic, since Gin was invented in Holland in the late 17th Century and became very popular in England in the early 18th Century. 

Next we will have some Wines from Germany and France, because Wine was the drink of the wealthy, since it had to be imported. 

Finally, we will finish the evening with a glass of Champagne, as all good evenings should. 

Dress Code:  Classy and Elegant - no jeans were available in the Baroque period. 
Limited Spaces - please buy your tickets in advance, in order to receive the exact location. 

I hope you can join us!