Pasteur Vinbar
Trianglen 7
2100 Copenhagen

David de Silva turns up with the fiery spices when he dances 6th of January with Sri Lankan rice and curry at Pasteur Vinbar on Østerbro.
There is a sunday dinner with traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry, so expect chilli, coconut, curries, sambols and lots of spices.

Wine Bar of the Year 2018!
- Pasteur was voted by the Danish food connoisseurs for the best wine bar 2018 and we can only say proudly that we look forward to visiting them again.

Menu 200, -

Rice and Curry
Chicken Curry Grandma Style
Seasonal vegetable currie
Rice & papadums

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Hoppers at KANDY SPICES is the first Sri Lankan pop up restaurant in Northern Europe, in addition to Britain. David de Silva is raised in Denmark with a Danish mother and a Sri Lankan father. For many years, David de Silva drove the DAVIDS BISTRO restaurant in Copenhagen and had periods on his legs when he cooked Go'Morgen Denmark on TV2.

Now he has cast his love on his culinary legacy from Sri Lanka and the memories of his grandmother's pots. The travels around Sri Lanka's culinary landscape are clearer than ever, and now led to David de Silva in 2016, the brand KANDY SPICES, which produces spice blends, chili sauces and pop-up events. Since then, he has worked intensively with Sri Lankan cuisine to accurately hit the authentic taste, and now it is time for the rest of the world to experience Sri Lankan cuisine as well.

Sri Lanka
The tropical island of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean offers long white sandy beaches, coconut palms and amazing dining experiences. Colorful dishes with lots of exotic spices are distinguished by Sri Lankan cuisine, and there is good reason for the country's popularity among madelskere all over the world.

Do not cheat yourself for a small bite of Sri Lanka's amazing spices and book your room now



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