Yorckstrasse 80

I made it. I finally convinced Mxprivé to come out to public and cook a premiere dinner...and he will..for us !.

This mysterious and intriguing man achieved a level of "instagram fame" .
Mxprivé- chef, photographer,amateur..who is he really?

Come and find out.

We will host the event in a very special venue: Norn in Kreuzberg.

Norn is an invite-only network of historic homes designed for members to live around the world and have meaningful conversations. Norn hosts dinners and events for their members to connect with other curious minds. Norn currently operates homes in Berlin, London, Barcelona and San Francisco. 


Norn in Berlin- 80 Yorckstraße
Norn Berlin is a luxurious pre-war corner flat kept in its original condition with grand salons and ecclesiastical style. The building is a designated historic landmark and neighbors Riehmers Hofgarten built in 1892 as part of the St. Boniface parish development The most recent owner was a noted film producer and has left an indelible mark on the property. From the “jungle room” to a hidden shrine, there’s something for everyone, and new surprises every day. 

about Mx:


// Brot & Kartoffeln //
Frisches Sauerteigbrot mit einen Kartoffelsauerrahm-Aufstrich
(Bread, potatoes)

// Forelle, Gurke, Senfsaat //
Mouse von der geräucherten Forelle, Gurkengele, Gurkenragout und eingelegte Senfsaat
(trout, cucumber, mustard seeds)

// Pilze, Brühe, Buchweizen //
Pilzsuppe mit Buchweizen- Croûtouns
(Mushrooms, buckwheat)

// Schweinebäckchen, Rote Bete, Pasta //
Ragout von geschmorten Schweinebäckchen dazu in Rote Bete-Reduktion geschwenkte Pasta
(pork, beetroots, pasta)

// Käse, Feigen, Fenchelsamen //
Polnischer Blau Käse, geschmorte Feige und Crumble mit Fenchelsamen
(polish blue cheese figs, fennel)

// Kakao, Quark, Kirschen //
Schokoladen-Sand, Kakao Nibs, Kakaobohne, Quarkmouse, Sauerkirschen, Kirsch-Schaum
(Cocoa, cream, cherries)



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