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The gourmet journey of chef Peter Lee started in south Hong Kong in Ap Lei Chau amongst the fishmongers and dried seafood stalls near his home. As a child, he was obsessed with ingredients, and his enduring love and passion for food saw him make a life change at the age of 30 when he spent time working at the two Michelin-starred restaurant Bo innovation before realizing that culinary school in the UK was to be his next calling.

He worked as a stagiaire (apprentice) in restaurants through Hong Kong and in Sydney where he learned traditional Chinese cooking techniques in a classic Cantonese restaurant, serving dim sum by day and banquet dishes at night.

Since joining Test Kitchen in 2019 Peter has rubbed elbows with renowned chefs from around the world. This pop-up dinner features Peter’s unique neo classical cuisine that evokes Hong Kong’s cha chaan teng, his grandmother’s cooking and the sights and smells of Ap Lei Chau.

Chef Peter’s Popup Series

Date: 24 & 25 July

Time: 7:30pm (1 Seating)

$1480 (8 Course Menu & Wine Pairing)

Free Corkage

***please note guests will share a communal table together for no more than 5 or 6 people in total***

Booking Link to go LIVE on this Thursday 9am

Vincent Mui, founder of TEST KITCHEN, explains that  Peter “Is one of the most passionate and humble chefs I’ve ever met, someone with a huge heart that touches the people he works alongside and ultimate shows tremendously in his food. His ‘scallop fever’ dish brilliantly combines Hong Kong’s love of the finest seafood with Chinese flavours and techniques, while ‘Grandma’s aubergine’ is a treasured family recipe for very good reason – because it’s unforgettably good.” 

Chef Peter has been testing out his menu, and together with our wine curator, we put together this menu below:
Egg Bomb
Tea-smoked Quail Egg, Pickled Young Ginger, Thousand year old egg, Iberico Crisps
Champagne Gratiot Delugny ‘Blanc de Blancs’ Brut Millesime 2004 (Chardonnay) (Champagne, FRANCE)

Scallop Fever
Seared Scallop, Razor Clam, Szechuan Hollandaise Espuma
Collovray & Terrier ‘La Roche’ Pouilly-Fuissé Vieille Vigne 2014 (Chardonnay) (in 1.5L Magnums) (Burgundy, FRANCE)

Roast Duck, Preserved Mustard Green, Vermicelli, Plum Sauce
Cantagallo Chianti Montalbano Riserva DOCG 2018 (Sangiovese)(Toscana, ITALY)

Grandma’s Aubergine
Fuyu Roast Aubergine, Smoke olive Oil Aubergine Caviar, Cane Sugar Smoked
Chop Sui Chinese Vegetables
Cantagallo Chianti Montalbano Riserva DOCG 2018 (Sangiovese)(Toscana, ITALY)

Confit Fish, Aged Plum and Tomato Consommé, Aged Tangerine Peel
Frédéric Lornet Arbois Trousseau des Dames 2007 (Trousseau)
(1.5L Magnum) (Jura, FRANCE)

Bone-In Short Ribs with Chu Hao Spicy Sauce , Braised Daikon beef Consomme
Frédéric Lornet Arbois Trousseau des Dames 2007 (Trousseau)
(1.5L Magnum) (Jura, FRANCE)

Shrimp Roe noodles with crispy lardos
Pietro Cassina ‘Tanzo’ Lessona DOCG 2010 (Nebbiolo) (Piemonte, ITALY) (WS90)

Gimme de Beet
Textures of beetroot with Cheese
Cantagallo ‘Millarium’ Vin Santo del Chianti Montalbano DOC 2010
(Burgundy, FRANCE) (2009: RP93)
(Total Production: 1,500 bottles of 375mL)

Something Sweet
Honey Pear Tart with Dragon Almond Cream
Cantagallo ‘Millarium’ Vin Santo del Chianti Montalbano DOC 2010
(Burgundy, FRANCE) (2009: RP93)
(Total Production: 1,500 bottles of 375mL)


About chef Peter:

Peter’s gourmet journey started as a 5 year old sitting and watching his mother and grandmother cooking in the kitchen.  At the age of 30, his passion couldn’t hold anymore so he stepped into the kitchen at two Michelin-starred Bo Innovation. His mind was blown while he was there, so he decided to change his career and went to culinary school in the UK to train as a professional chef.

After graduating, he started his new life in different kitchens in Hong Kong, from the lowest local diners to fine dining establishments. He then left for Australia and worked in a Chinese restaurant in Sydney’s Chinatown, where he learnt traditional Chinese cooking techniques. In 2019, he joined TEST KITCHEN, working alongside Devon Hou and chefs around the world, from James Beard Award winners to a Michelin-Starred team from Helsinki, or an Asia 50’s Best restaurant such as Locavore from Bali. which diverse his mind about cooking by different ingredients and techniques- supporting these teams while developing his own craft along the way.

About Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen is a pop-up dining movement in Hong Kong. Situated in Sai Ying Pun, the menus are ever changing to showcase up-and-coming chefs from across the world. Whether diners come alone, in pairs, or in groups, they all come to share their passion and love for food. #testkitchenhk