Calle Moraza 1B
20006 Donostia-San Sebastian

Having opened Amelia Restaurant in the romantic area of San Sebastián just a month ago the fearless Chef Paulo Airaudo at the same time created San Sebastián Dinner Series; six collaboration dinners extraordinaire a year, each of two days, inviting a diverse range of interesting chefs to the majestic and heavily Michelin-accoladed Basque town tucked into the lagoons of Bay of Biscay.

Having performed two nights of culinary excellence with Latin America’s Best Female Chef Kamilla Seidler in April, Paulo Airaudo now invites a second grand culinary talent; Chef Jonathan Berntsen of “Danish Restaurant of The Year 2016”, 1*Michelin CLOU in Copenhagen.

The two chefs – one being of South American heritage but cooking in Europe, the other of Danish origin but celebrated to excel exquisite Mediterranean cooking in the cradle of Nordic Cuisine – create a joint 10-serving tasting menu where they’ll blend their combined cooking experiences, passions and ideas.

Sunday June 4th and Monday June 5th.

This is your chance to experience not only Airaudo’s culinary translation of his experience around the world into his new Basque surroundings, but to also see how he works with a kitchen defined by Berntsen who’s everything but afraid to break dogmes, blend contemporary with classics, North with South and holds the title of being the youngest person to receive Michelin-accolade in Denmark.