Quo Vadis
26-29 Dean Street
W1D 3LL London

Quo Vadis & Friends, now it its second year, sees Quo Vadis' chef patron, Jeremy Lee, invite his friends from some of the most exciting kitchens in London, to come and cook on the second floor of the Quo Vadis club...

We last had Tom Brown here for a heavenly QV & Friends event when he was supporting Nathan Outlaw as his head chef last year. 

Since that time, Tom has become a superstar in his own right with his own critical darling of a restaurant, Cornerstone in Hackney​​. He was also the highest scoring finalist in last year's Great British Menu, and looking on track to do the same in this year's!

We can't wait to tempt him out of Hackney and welcome him back for a fish focused feast.

Tickets include a welcome drink. ​​