The Laughing Heart
277 Hackney Road
E28NA London

Enjoy the taste of sunshine early this year at a family style Greek taverna feast! After their recent trip to Athens, Greek native and natural wine enthusiast Eva Tomopoulou and London-based Australian chef Lani Greenhalgh are combining forces to put on a Greek pop-up late lunch/dinner feast at The Laughing Heart London. They will fill the table with generous, unfussy platters of meze, and heartwarming homestyle Greek dishes. If you haven't explored Greek cuisine beyond souvlaki and spanakopita, this menu will showcase some of the lesser known favourites of Greek cuisine. You will try avgotaraho, a Greek bottarga famous as one of the best in the world, and loukoumades, a sweet honey doughnut. 
Ticket prices include a customary shot of raki, greek natural wines and a family-style sharing menu of around 8-9 dishes.



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