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Polish Thursday Dinners is a cultural project started in 2013 in Berlin by Julia Bosski, with an aim of promoting polish culture and new polish cuisine abroad, gathering guests from around the world at her table.

Julia comes from intellectual family where many members are well known figures in Poland (she’s great grand daughter of Jeremi Przybora from Kabaret Starszych Panów) . Inspired by her roots and history of her family and history of Poland- Name Thursday Dinners (Obiady Czwartkowe) is a referance to famous Dinners organised by polish King August Poniatowski in the 18th Century.

​Bosski promotes the new cultural movement of “New Polish” cooperating with many chefs, artsists, designers and creatives from Poland and all around the world.

2017 was a year of great events: we had an honor to work with top chefs from Poland and Berlin such as Aleksander Baron, Maciej Nowicki, Michał Gniłka, we hosted a Dinner at a Michelin Restaurant Bandol sur Mer and we were a part of the Berlin Food Week where Polish Thursday Dinners were represented by brilliant chef Flavia Borawska.

This half polish, half italian super woman is a former NOMA intern,  she used to work at The Clove Club, she also ran the kitchen at Restaurant Opasły Tom Kręgliccy in Warsaw.

We enjoyed being a power couple in buisness and decided to team up again. First in London and later agian in Berlin.

We invite yu to celebrate with us the 4th Birthday of Polish Thursday Dinners !

We will introduce you to finest polish flavors on your plate and in your glass.
We will use polish products and serve polish finest vodkas and will present the new wave of polish wine.

by Flavia Borawska:

0.Amuse + Aperitif
1.Salsify, yeast, cauliflower
2.Carrot dumplings, brown butter
3.Goose,Buckwheat, Cabbge
4.Pear, marjoram, yoghurt

based on Baczewski Vodka  by Kamila Podlaska

1.Boletus infused Vodka
2.Smoked plum puree with vodka and shiso leaves
3.Vodka sour with dandelion and chilli threads
4.Earl Grey Infused Vodka with Cranberry Chutney and fresh cranberry
5.Egg yolk, arbeg, vodka and coffee




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