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One of my earliest memories is having Easter lunch in my grandparent’s dining room. It was loud, everyone wanted to be heard, there were laughs and serious conversations going on all at the same time.

We are on the cusp of a new decennium and the gap between human beings is growing ever wider. We long for real conversation and connection.

As I grew up I wanted to recreate those memories because sharing a meal with others has the power to shift our perceptions, to expand our views of equality and connection, and to take this away from the table.

During Luij we share a meal and delve deep into our common humanity. We encourage conversations around our connections and stories which are powered by compassion.

Throughout the event there will be provocations, story telling and a little theatrical magic to encourage diners to connect with their neighbours in a space where everyone is equal and everyone is encouraged to talk and share their stories.

The more you know about another person’s story the less likely it is you’ll see this person as different. When we share our stories with each other rather than our convictions we have a chance to change our greatest divides.

Luij is for everyone who believes in a more beautiful world through the power of sharing a meal.

We aim to have people from different cultures and communities around the table to make the experience as rich as possible.
Are you ready for more connection and understanding?

What is the right amount to pay
Some people say that the Supper Clubs are great and really valuable and that I should not undervalue the benefits for the guests and charge a decent amount. Others say that the Supper Clubs are really beneficial to many and I should make it as affordable as possible.

The challenge with offering it for free or a low amount is that people might not see it as valuable and they might attend with low expectations or commitment. I also want to honour the costs for hosting the supper clubs and the time of myself and my team making it the best experience we possibly can.

The solution is to let you decide what the value of the Supper Clubs is to you.
You can choose an amount that feels right to you given:

The amount you would normally pay for a similar event
- Your financial means
- Your perception of value
- What represents a gesture of commitment
- Your intention to support the ongoing work of Supper Club Compassion and our commitment to let anyone take part

If your financial means are limited, then you can choose a token amount or even zero. We welcome. In case you feel uncomfortable about paying zero, I want you to know that we hold no negative judgement about that. It is my commitment to create more understanding and connection by having everyone around the table.

At some Supper Clubs events we might ask you to pay an initial fee in order for us to book the spaces. If  you later discover that you paid too much or too little we give you the opportunity to adjust that to an amount that is commensurate with your feeling of gratitude (or disappointment), and desire to support us to grow our movement.

About Supper Club Compassion
Supper Club Compassion is a community of people who create greater understanding between people from all different backgrounds and connections to create a more beautiful world through the power of sharing a meal. We create spaces and events for real conversation for more connection and to settle differences between people, cultures, countries and conflicts.

Luij means humans in Leon’s native dialect. During our events we focus on our common humanity.

About the Wild Food Cafe
Plant based, raw-centric restaurant, wellbeing space & community.
The Wild Food Cafe serves the most nourishing, inspiring ingredients including wild crafted and foraged foods from pristine eco systems, small organic farmers and ethical and local suppliers.