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One half of a culinary couple with seriously impressive resumes behind them, Ludovic Mey is coming to TEST KITCHEN from his acclaimed restaurant Les Apothicaires in Lyon, bringing with him unique cuisine that has won multiple awards. Here’s what the 2018 French Michelin Guide said about the dishes he and his wife Tabata produce:

“Tabata is a young chef of Brazilian origin and former Top Chef contestant. She met Ludovic Mey in one of Paul Bocuse’s Lyon brasseries and since then the two have been inseparable. In a cheerful bistro atmosphere they propose simple, delicious cuisine at lunchtime, and more elaborate – indeed creative – cuisine in the evening.” MICHELIN guide inspectors

Their restaurant- Les Apothicaires marries chocolate and donuts creating Bolinho of Chuva; Rhône-Alpes and Nordic influences mingle with South American accents to provide a melting pot of flavors that with their creativity gives you a dose of happiness; the result is this is neither gourmet, bistro or market cuisine they have created.  In fact, Tabata and Ludovic do not want their food to be constrained by a genre, but simply what pleases them by creating with love of the product and awareness of the flavors and with simplicity.

Here’s the prototype menu put together for Hong Kong:

Broad beans marinated in rose oil, fermented flower juice, dill granité, flowers

Seafood inspired daily by local markets

Smoked duck liver, salsify cooked with tamarind, grilled manioc flour

Braised onions, onion soubise, butter sauce with miso, crispy onions, lemon thyme

Crustacean dumplings, crustacean jus, soy milk and cereals, puffed cereals

Pigeon cooked on the chest, marinated cabbage, fermented cucumber powder, elderflower, barley sauce

Avocado cream with vanilla, Salicornia powder, candied rhubarb, meringue, citrus granité

Strawberry textures: biscuit, cream, chips, candy, ice-cream and more

Brazilian dish

About our chefs:

About Ludovic Mey

Originally from the Savoy region, Ludovic Mey began cooking with his grandmother in a family of epicureans. After an apprenticeship with chef Patrick Turpin in Chambéry, he spent two years alongside Michelin-starred chef Christian Têtedoie before a move to Lyon and Marguerite Restaurant, part of the Paul Bocuse Group.

It is the story of the mountains, nature, purity and aesthetics, as well as a clash of cultures, an inexhaustible curiosity, a desire to surprise …
Of Brazilian origin, Tabata learnt her cra at the Institut Paul Bocuse
and then with the Michelin star chef Nicolas Le Bec in Lyon. In 2014,
the chef Paul Bocuse entrusted the reins of Marguerite Restaurant to her. Here she met her husband (Ludovic Mey). Now together they are beginning
a new culinary adventure with Les Apothicaires in Lyon.

Test Kitchen’s Vincent Mui explains: “Ludovic creates food based on love of produce and fundamental awareness of flavours. He is not constrained by a genre, but driven by producing brilliant plates which will live a long time in the memory. Technically flawless, creatively clever, but most of all just absolutely delicious.”

There are lighter plates like the delicate broad beans with flower water, dill granita and fresh flowers, or the taste explosion delivered by onion mash, miso, smoked oil and a yoghurt crumble.  Tabata and Ludovic Mey developed a unique cuisine inspired by their lifes,
their travels and their encounters.

On the menu you see simplicity and creativity without constraints or ‘frills’.   The couple have a free and instinctive feeling for the food, creating distinct flavors.