La Banchina
Refshalevej 141
1432 Copenhagen

Third time is a charm! Korean Ssambap and La Banchina work so well together. So, once again, we have asked the amazing Kimchi queen, Kala Sung, to come to take over our menu on September 21st for lunch & dinner service.

It's time to harvest the beautiful September greens and wrap them all up - just adding Kala's Kimchi, her secret sauce recipes and her killer personality. Come on out and join us for mouthwatering clean food and chill. No booking needed!

Ssambap 쌈밥
Ssambap literally means wrapped rice. For Koreans, this is country-style food. The taste of summer in a leaf. Just picked from the farm, fresh lettuce or lightly steamed kale will be used to wrap the filling of steamed grains, vegetables and a variety of dipping sauces known as ssamjang, grilled fish or seafood, Korean style marinade, grilled veggies, mushrooms, and Kala's kimchi.

Kala Sung
Kala holds an M.A. in Food Studies from NYU and is currently traveling the world with her culinary workshop – Kala's Kimchi Class. Kala adapts the traditional Kimchi techniques to local, seasonal produce and focus is on exploring food preservation that involves the process of fermentation. Korean kimchi is Lacto-fermented food that is both popular and super healthy.