Paradise Garage
254 Paradise Row, Bethnal Green
E2 9LE London

 LUTO is a supper club that transports you to my motherland, the Philippines.

Taking influence from the rich heritage of the several thousand islands of the Philippines and their history.

You will be presented with a reiteration of 5 national classics in a British context, lovingly translated with western seasonal ingredients and processes.

I invite you to indulge in your curiosity and unearth new favourites from Asia's culinary underdog.

For May LUTO will be at Paradise Garage as part of their Homegrown Series. To book your place email or phone directly on 020 7613 1502.

snacks & bread
chicken , ginger , lemongrass
smoked mackerel "arroz caldo"
pork belly , garlic , coconut vinegar & soy
mango & kalamansi
condensed milk tart

* When booking please make us aware of any allergies, we offer a full vegetarian menu too. Substitutions cannot be made on the day of the event. Email for further info