Mr. Susan
Krausnickstraße 1
10115 Berlin

Jul Soo, a collaboration of Soo Choi of Restaurant Choi and Korean-American chef Julez Noh, presents a one night only Bansang dinner -- a traditional Korean full course meal utilising seasonal delicacies and the best of each harvest. Historically prepared exclusively for members within the royal gates, Jul Soo invites Berlin diners to experience 14 varying dishes carefully prepared in the Korean spirit.  Included in the dinner will be a welcome drink by Mr. Susan cocktail bar with an endnote takeaway dessert melding French and Korean flavours by pastry chef Pierre Rousseau.  

Guests have the option to add on a cocktail pairing, featuring 3 Korean inspired cocktails specially created by the talented team at Mr. Susan.  An a la carte beverage menu will also be available the evening of.

00.  welcome drink by Mr. Susan
01.  soy chili braised red snapper / 도미조림
02. minced beef, pork, shrimp, sunchokes / 떡갈비 OR soy-cured shrimp with chili oil/ 새우장
03. skewer of beef, king mushrooms, carrots, leek / 화양적
04. grilled zucchini and scallop jeon / 가리비 호박전

05. clams with fermented soy bean soup / 조개 된장찌개
06.  cold water kimchi with radishes / 동치미
07.  napa cabbage kimchi / 배추김치
08.  fermented raw chili oyster on the shell / 굴젓갈

09.  savoy cabbage ssam, rice, dwenjang sauce /배추쌈과 강된장
10.  sauteed fiddlehead ferns / 고사리나물
11.  sauteed dried eggplant /  가지나물 
12.  angel hair shredded fish / 삼색북어보푸라기
13.  mung bean jelly and herbs with soy vinaigrette / 탕평채  
14.  soy brined qual eggs with salsify / 메추리알 계란장과 우엉조림
15.  surprise take-away dessert by Pierre 

69€ Fish or Meat Dinner Pre-fixe
25€ Cocktail Pairing

1st dinner seating option will begin at 5:00
2nd dinner seating option will begin at 8:00

The evening's menu will offer a meat or pescatarian option only.  Due to the nature of a Bansang dinner, there will be no Vegetarian or Vegan menu available.  Please contact us directly to inform us of any other dietary restrictions or allergies.