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Japanese Sake Tasting with FO-AM and Eriko Jitsukata

FO-AM and Eriko Jitsukata, a certified Sake Sommelière are teaming up to welcome you to this special two-nights-only Sake tasting evening in Berlin.
This event gives a spotlight to the delicious pairing of food and Japanese Sake.

Sake has tickled its way on to the menus of many fine-dining restaurants...however compared to wine, they remain as a pricey treat to the connoisseur.

That’s why we would like to invite you to this exclusive event as a way to experience and gain an understanding on why authentic Sake has the power to balance of a vast variety of cuisines and styles...not only Japanese.

We carefully selected three very distinct types of Sake, which will widen your horizon of the vast and beautiful world of Sake.

Eriko will boost your knowledge and explain everything you need to know about this trendy elixir. Don't hold back, ask and learn!

Come by and you will enjoy the harmony of Sake, snacks and good vibes.

■ ■Sake Line-up■ ■

Each Sake will be served together with a pairing food.

1. Bottle-fermented sparkling Sake: Delicate perlage, smooth and fruity taste with a hint of juicy peach

2. Sake from the brewery featured in Netflix film “The Birth of Sake”: Delicate notes of Nashi-pear, citrus and elderflower

3. A rosé Sake made from red rice: Very fruity aroma reminiscent of ripe berries, rich umami.

Price €32/ incl. 3 glasses of Sake + 3 snacks



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