Prinsens gate 10
0152 Oslo

A full weekend of Italian food?? Sign me up! 

This pop-up series consists of three different events presented by Martina Riolino. Together with her husband, they have a vegan restaurant along the west coast in Italy, La Spezia. 

Now they are coming to Oslo to treat us with some delicious, authentic Italian food (all plantbased)!

Italian Friday Date Night! Three-Course Dinner paired with Italian Natural Wine 
When was the last time you had Italian food that didn't involve Pizza or Pasta? For this dinner Martina is serving up some authentic Italian food that is typically dear to Italian families on the West Coast.

Italian Saturday Brunch (13-17)
Who doesn’t love brunch? When it’s close to lunchtime but you’re still in the mood for breakfast food, a good brunch can hit the spot, especially if it’s made of delicious Italian food!

*Email for booking!*

Fresh Homemade Pasta Sunday-Cooking Class
There’s something cathartic about working with dough and taking the time to slow down and focus your attention on the deceptively simple, and enormously important, art of cooking.
Our chef instructor will first show you how to create the perfect pasta dough by hand, which can be the base for the endless variations and shapes of Italian pasta. Then we’ll create fillings and sauces and you’ll play with your own creativity to bring home some delicious ravioli, tagliatelle and lasagna at the end of the class.

We know this is not an easy decision... which is why we encourage you book more than one!

See you there, Italian lovers!