3-4 Eccleston Yards
SW1W 9AZ London

This is the third event of a series of industry based events aimed at looking into some of the issues that we face on a daily basis and giving you the tools to understand them and move forward. 


There's a big difference between a good leader and a bad one, isn't there?

One of the best parts of this industry is that fact that you can rise up the ranks pretty well through working hard. 

Because of this, i've found and experienced that you get handed this magical higher level position without any guidance or training on how to handle it and more importantly how to handle the people that come with it. 

When you get handed a head chef position or a GM position or a higher level one, the paperwork gets handed over because its the 'really important stuff.' But what nobody does, is mentor you through how to effectively lead a team. The team is your lifeblood, what keeps the business thriving and your biggest asset. So doesn't it make sense to make nurturing these people a really big priority? 

Que our next industry talk, it's all about how to effectively lead a team. Join us for an evening of talks, food & networking.

We will proudly be joined by: 

Amanda Street

Amanda is a coach and facilitator who has worked with many diverse organisations, particularly at times of transition. She helps leaders drive behavioural change, enables individuals to accelerate their current performance, grow to reach their full potential, and achieve the desired business results, impact, and aspirations.

Most recently Amanda has worked with a range of clients from the Rank Group, EY, The Fat Duck, University College of Estate Management, and Barchester Healthcare. Amanda is highly pragmatic and practical in her approach. With a strong interest and expertise in, one on one and group coaching, facilitation of teams and boards, strategy workshops and cultural change programs. All centered around building robust inter
personal relationships, behaviours and language patterns, that set the tone and culture for individual and collective success.

Neil Gander 

After training as a chef and a good few years of cooking in restaurants, Neil began a degree in Hotel Business Management. 

After graduating and cutting his teeth at the Grand Brighton, Neil moved into country house hotels ,becoming the youngest General Manager at the time to achieve Red Star status for a property.

After sabbatical stint spent mostly skiing and mountain biking around Europe, Neil then moved into the emerging gastro pub market, back in the kitchen as a head chef. After another few years, Neil once again jumped over the pass into General Management and Operations Management taking, on numerous openings and struggling turnaround sites. 

Following a period running a cook school and events company in Australia and several month's cooking around South East Asia, Neil moved back to London and was once again back at the stoves. This time setting up and building kitchen teams. This is where Electric Mayonnaise was born. 

Whilst it's widely accepted that our industry has somewhat of a recruitment crisis; we would argue that we actually face a skills crisis. The development of effective leadership skills across our kitchens as a whole, is the catalyst to effect change. 

The wide scale engagement of junior chefs, coming up through the ranks, understanding how to be effective leaders, is the game-changer in making good chefs into great chefs. 

Sasha Sabapathy

Sasha Sabapathy is the founder of London based wellness company, Glow Bar. Glow Bar was created out of a desire to share her love for healing herbs, infrared saunas, and healthy (but yum and fun!) food and drinks. Sasha spent six years in advertising between London and New York and a year at culinary school before launching Glow Bar. Today, Glow Bar has a brick and mortar space in Fitzrovia, in addition to a wide product range sold in store, in Planet Organic and on Feel Unique, and employs nine members on her team. She (and Glow Bar!) has been featured in Vogue, the New York Times, Glamour, Grazia and on Sheer Luxe. 

Find out how Sasha inspires and leads a team of nine in such a unique space.

Gareth Bryce

Gareth Bryce will be talking to us about how he leads a team completely separate to the food world, the challenges he has faced and how he not only leads a team but also leads rooms of pupils who are learning on a daily basis. 

"During that time I have been a head of department for 3 years. As head of deportment I have led mostly non-specialists which presents a particular set of challenges. I have also tried my best to contribute to my school where possible by taking on additional roles such:
Student Voice Coordinator 
A level extended project coordinator.
Raise and Give Coordinator. 
All of which have be thoroughly rewarding."

This is a great chance to network and meet others in the industry alongside learning how to set goals, manage insecurities that hold you back and knowing how to improve your self confidence. You will also of course get to enjoy food from the Hackney Open Kitchen on arrival, the chefs will be collaborating with Ravneet Gill on the menu - expect dessert too! 

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