Restaurant Hyggestund
Viktoriagade 6
1655Copenhagen, Denmark

There are thousands of fabulous people in Copenhagen you haven’t met.

Join us every Wednesday in Restaurant Hyggestund to hot pot with other interesting people with the best Mikkeller beer! 
You would be surprised how many world-shaking ideas were born while hot potting with newly met people.


What is Hot Pot?

Hot pot is the most social dining format in the world. A group of people sit together around a boiling pot with 2 types of aromatic soup on a portable burner. You “cook” along by simmering the selected ingredients for a few minutes while engaging in a conversation with others.  When the soup boils again, you are ready to enjoy your hot pot.

What will you experience?

Super social experience

Hot pot is almost most social dining formats you can think of. Not only are you gathered at one table sharing a meal with friends or family, but you're in a way cooking the food together.

Great taste and healthy food

You will have an Asian food trip here, exploring the variety of fresh vegetables and Asian specialities with low gluten, low fat and low carbohydrates.

 A lot of fun

It’s a great fun to “cook” more than 15 different exotic ingredients and explore their unique features and flavours.

What will you get? 

• 2 types of hot pot soup base: spicy one and non-spicy one 
• 2 types of meat (In vegan version, the meat will be replaced by other Asian specialities)
• 7 types of fresh vegetables
• 6 Asian ingredients 
• 2 different hot pot sauces 

How to join?

-We will team up 2 to 6 people to “cook” a hot pot together

-Share the food, share your ideas and share a nice moment in life with strangers

Find more on our facebook page: Mikkeller X Hot Pot Republic





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