Maizuru 舞鶴, 26/F
Jardine Center, 50 Jardine's Bazaar
Causeway Bay

Do you have trouble finding the right wine to pair with sashimi (crudo in Italian)? 
Well, orange/ amber wine is the answer (and it's THE NEW WHITE). It's designed and shaped to complement raw seafood or sashimi -  according to some cognoscenti in Japan. However, there's no rules, so let's play jazz, and forget about sake and beer for now!
If you opt for an off-book route to enlightenment, then you should join us for this tasting, which features 6 different organic, orange wines from Georgia, Croatia and Jura (France). You will have have a chance to sip and savor vino by Iago from Georgia - one of the most influential winemakers in the world at the moment. 
Format: We will be sitting face to face with the famous Chef Andy who will demonstrate his technique as a sushi artist and serve us the best Omakase in Hong Kong. 
Here's the sumptuous tasting menu: 

- CLAI MALVAZIJA SV. JAKOV 2015 (Croatia - HK$380)
Tomac Amfora 2008 (Croatia - HK$52)
Iago Chinuri Chardakhi SKIN CONTACT QVEVRI 2015 (Georgia - HK$360)
- Iago Chinuri Chardakhi NO SKIN CONTACT 2014 (Georgia - HK$360)
- Alaverdi Monastery KHIKHVI 2011 (Georgia - HK$580)
- Jean François Ganevat Le Zaune à Dédée (Jura - HK$480) > will be available for sale
(Please note: These wines are super rare and almost impossible to find in Asia - except a small export volume in Japan. Moreover, Iago and Jean Francois Ganevat are the trailblazers in the modern natural & orange wine movement.)
So if you're not sure about Orange Wine, then it's very likley that this tasting will change your mind and your perception about it!



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