Miss Sophie’s Planet
12459 Berlin

Straight in the face! A culinary journey through metal music with an exceptional 5-course menu. Land on Miss Sophie's Planet for an evening and explore a culinary cosmos in an intimate setting in a special location. 

Korn - Life is Peachy
surprise cocktail 
Slayer - Reign in Blood
crispy blood sausage
smoked apple mousse
on potato throne 
with cranberry foam
Sepultura - Bloody Roots
parsnip puree 
beetroot fries
white carrots in ginger oil 
smoked duck
black currant confit 
Lamb of God 
lamb chop 
mint pea mousse
lemon chutney
warm violent potato salad 
with macadamia 
Judas Priest- Diamonds an Rust
pork belly of the beast
with orange coffee crust
black „Sabbath“ salsify strips 
tomatoes essence tears
hazelnut mayonnaise 
black truffle 
Mega Death - Ashes in your Mouth
black meringue 
juniper macaroon 
sour cherry mirror
black sesame ice cream 

Iron Maiden Beer - Bottle 3,50€
Wine and other alcoholic beverages from 4,50€

Menu Meat: 65,00€
Menu Veggie: 59,00€ upon request!

All meals are prepared by Miss Sophie herself!
Organic food, such as spelled spelt flour and organic eggs are standard, as well as vegetables, meat and wine in BIO quality find utmost use in the kitchen.



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