Schinkestraße 9, 2. Hinterhof
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We invite you to another special Thursday Dinner with one of most terrific and experimental Polish chef Michał Gniłka.

We will introduce you to the finest Polish flavors on your plate and in your glass.

Our dinner wil take place in a wonderful studio Reform in Kreuzberg.

We will serve our dishes on excellent polish porcelain.

MENU 55€
(excluding drinks)

1. Kiszony topinambur i burak tęczowy / Musztarda z dyni / Pate z pasternaka / Lawenda w tempurze Fermented sunchoke and rainbow beets / Pumpkin mustard / Parsnip pate / Tempura of lavender flowers

2. Ciepła sałatka z grzybów / Mikro groszek / Czipsy gryczane / Żel z szczawiku zajęczego Warm mushroom salad / Micro pea shoots / Buckwheat chips / Oxalis gel

3. Consommé z żółtych buraków / Mini kopytka / Oliwa koperkowa Yellow beetroot consommé / Mini kopytka dumplings / Dill olive oil

4. Dynia makaronowa w estragonie/ Pomidory w werbenie / Rukiew wodna Spaghetti squash in tarragon / Verbena tomatoes / Watercress

5. Lody jałowca i mleka laskowego / Kompot sous-vide z koszteli i świeżych listków laurowych / Majerankowy plaster „miodu” / Orzechy brazylijskie Juniper berries and hazel nuts milk ice creams / Sous-vide compote of kosztela apple and fresh bay leaf / Marjoram „Honey comb” / Brazilian nutsł-Gniłka-1670462103180370/

Michał Gniłka cooked since he was a child. Through China, London Mexico- he learnt all kinds of different cooking techniques.

As a photographer he moved between reportage, art, fashion and music photography. Published in music scene magazine TECHNO PARTY and MILK MAGAZINE amongst numerous editorials for A4, ACTIVIST, KMAG, CODIGO 06140,MEXICO MONTHLY and commercial work for clients such American Apparel or Nike. 

 His delicious creations were tasted by Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt among many others.

He was hired as a private chef for many clients in their homes as well as working market food kitchens and modern Mexican restaurants like EL ORIGEN – OAXACA.

 The end of 2013 brought him to Bali, where he’s been working as a menu consultant for a number of independent high quality restaurants: REVOLVER ESPRESSO AT GANG 51, SEA CIRCUS, SVARGA LOCA, LA FAVELA.




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