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The ‘Edible Table’ is an initiative from renowned food architect Brent Richards and food entrepreneur and innovator Hannes Nimpuno. Together they present a revolutionary dinner titled ‘The Enlightened Brandenburg Cuisine’.
Referring to the reforming Age of Enlightenment the producers propose a ten-course dinner with paired drinks using old recipes from the 18th and 19th century as a culinary foundation then re-interpreting them in a 21th century context using modernistic and molecular cuisine techniques. The first of many dinners will be hosted at HERMANN’S on Friday the 20th of September.

The Menu

Forgotten or rarely used Brandenburg ingredients such as stinging nettle, pheasant, very little-known freshwater fish and crayfish as well as Teltow turnip and sea buckthorn are some of the ingredients used to create dishes such as -

·      Truffle mousse eggs, filled with a honey pearl, placed in a potato crisp nest with a creamy mushroom sauce

·      Pheasant pierogi with pheasant reduction, crispy stinging nettle, candied and pickled baby onions, dehydrated confit pheasant jerky and pickled blackberry

·      Reduced dill milk ice cream with pickled and vacuumed Spreewald cucumber, dill oil and caramelized milk skin

*There is a vegetarian menu option available on advance request. Unfortunately, we are unable accommodate any other dietary requirements on this occasion.


Brent Richards – Creative Artistic Director
A food architect and sensory designer with a diverse experience in collaborating with leading chefs and food & beverage entrepreneurs. Creative advisor to three star Michelin Chef Heston Blumenthal and the Fat Duck Restaurant and art director for the Big Fat Duck Cook
Book UK, and collaborator with Portuguese Chef Pedro Passinhas at Co:Lab Sweden / UK,
Chef Patissier Christophe Felder & Henri Charpentier Japan, Borg i bu food consultancy Iceland. An astute creative mind and a creative disruptor in culinary environments.

Hannes Nimpuno – Culinary Creative Producer
An international producer of culinary, cultural and artistic events around the globe and with his dual bases in Singapore and Berlin. Providing cross-cultural exchange and communication, facilitating and conceptualising artistic endeavours. Mastermind behind the Brandenburg project and other culinary formats, and an active private chef.

Gaja Dudkiewicz – Development Chef and innovative Swedish /Polish chef, based in Stockholm Sweden. A graduate of School of Culinary Arts Umea University Sweden, and the Culinary Arts Academy Lucerne Switzerland.

HERMANN’S Berlin is an all-day eatery and event space designed to bring together people, ideas and ingredients for a good future of food.