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With growing global demand for commodities, uncontrolled fires and erratic government response, Brazilian forests have never been so much at risk as today. But distrust in government intentions to curb rising deforestation has only push Brazilian society to be even more active in fighting for the environment and the people who depend on it. There are more and more organisations resisting and struggling for sustainability and many of them believe a big transformation will come from changing one thing: OUR PLATE.

Hermann’s is pleased to welcome the chef’s collective Cerrado no Prato, Brazilian family farmer’s cooperative Central do Cerrado, Berlin-based start-up company TodaVida and Brazilian chef Matheus Zanella in the event “Dining from Brazilian Forests”.

Chef Matheus – former Hermann’s Head Chef and current lead of acclaimed sustainable food project Mesa pra Doze (Table for 12) – will showcase the richness of Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado (Savannahs) over a 6-course dinner (drinks can be purchased separately on the night).

The Menu

More than just contemporary cooking techniques, the 6 course menu will feature ingredients grown and collected sustainably by those who are the forefront of current environmental battles: traditional farming communities, indigenous populations, family farmers. Following Matheus’ style of light, fresh and vegetable-oriented menus, expect a dinner with flavours as much as a dinner with values. Attention spoiler! Some dishes would include:

Heritage, non-gm & organic red corn bread from Projeto Crioulo

Yogurt-cultivated butter and dried Brazilian wild vanilla -baunilha-do-cerrado

Tucupi - fermented cassava juice served with roasted celery root

Deep-fried tapioca cubes with mayo from pequi - wild deeply aromatic fruit from Cerrado

Steamed fish in babaçu oil - wild palm tree that yields a very rich and nutty oil

Brazilian nut cake with cupuaçú sour jam - a classic Amazonian harmony: richness of Brazilian nut and sourness of cupuaçú

Hot cocoa shot with jatobá - wild tree that yield an ultra-nutritious flour with hazelnut notes

A vegetarian option is welcomed on advance request. Unfortunately, we are unable accommodate any other dietary requirements on this occasion.