Apollo Bar
Nyhavn 2
1051 Copenhagen

Breaking Bread: A pop up dinner at Apollo Bar

Welcome to Tel Aviv! The city that keeps going and will never quit on you. You want pretty? Go to Paris. We want something interesting and yes, you'll find it in Israel. Whether you love it or hate it, you can not ignore it. It's where mayhem stops to meet hospitality and generosity that knows no limit. It's a crazy place, but hey - we all have to eat. As long as the food is fantastic your mouth will be distracted and less likely to shout.

To capture the spirit of this buzzling alternative city, we are inviting you to take part in a pop up dinner at Apollo Bar. On the 9th of November, you will be able to experience a wealth of modern colorful mezze, break bread around a shared table and enjoy Israeli wine and cocktails.

Lior Zilberstein is an Israeli food photographer, recipe developer and self-taught cook. He spends most of his time thinking about food and the experiences attached to it. Seven years ago he was imported to Denmark by a woman with a passion for spicy food and a growing addiction to hummus. Since then he has been cooking for many curious Scandinavian mouths, introducing them to the new, melting pot cuisine bubbling and brewing in Tel Aviv. Created by Jews and Arabs alike. Slowly leaking to other countries successfully. In the process he has been trying to take in the nordic spirit, cuisine, and style. He can often be seen in a complete state of internal HYGGE and he has been spotted dancing frantically alone around the Christmas tree. Come taste his food. Maybe it will make you want to visit Tel Aviv - until then, he'll bring it to you on a plate!


Cocktail based on Arak with grapefruit and mint

Fresh sliced sourdough
Burnt aubergines flesh with labneh cheese and fermented lemon
Smoked red peppers pickled in vinegar with soft Danish smoked cheese
Mild chilli paste with Danish dry berries

Tahini sesame paste dip with crushed parsley
Sour yogurt with beetroot, horseradish and pine nuts
Spicy carrot and coriander salad with dry Danish berries
Slow roasted pulled lamb shoulder with Middle Eastern spices
Sweet and sour pickled onions in sumac
Warm butter couscous with dry fruits and mint
Wine from Israel

Surprise dessert
Turkish coffee with cardamom