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Borgergade 17F
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What is Chinese New Year? --Best food, Tsingtao beer, and Asian contemporary art.

We have invited one of the best Sichuan chefs in town, Mr Yindong Ye, to perform his magic and give you truly culinary experience. With 30 years of recognised experience in Sichuan cuisine, Mr Ye is a true hot pot expert and is known for his talent to play with different natural spices using them to uncover the hidden tastes of the main food components.

On top of the delicious hot pot and 4 courses Sichuan cuisines, we will gather a group of young Asian artists and bring Asian beers to celebrate the Chinese new year and give a voice of a new generation of Asian artists.

We will turn our restaurant into a hot pot social dining place + an Asian art gallery. Our signature hot pot menu will continue the “sharing” concept that you and your group “cook” and share the food together. The Asian artists, through their artworks, will share with you their reflection on when the Asian collectivism meet Nordic individualism. You will sense, feel and listen the different Asian artists’ decoding of the culture behind hot pot, and experience the collective way of eating by yourself.

It will be a true culinary & cultural experience for Asian culture lovers, creative individuals and families, Asian culture lovers and people who look for a different food experience.


Yellowstripe Scad Chips with Crispy seaweed & Sesame

Hiyayakko - Japanese Tofu, Skipjack Tuna Flakes & Mirin

Drunk Chicken - Sichuan style chicken with Sichuan peppercorn & Coriander 

Hot Pot 
2 different soup bases - Spicy & Umami 
2 types of meat - Beef & Pork
Selection of Asian specialities - Dumplings, Surimi Sticks, Tofu, Shiitake, Tofu Skin, etc.
6 types of fresh vegetables 
2 Hot pot sauces 

Traditional Chinese red bean sesame balls

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