Secret location revealed 24hours before event

Fight over 40 spaces spread over 4 sides. Race against your adversaries, and possibly your friends (soon to be adversaries), to snatch up as many of those limited assets as possible. Wheel, deal, trade. Pass GO and pay the tax man. The cash piling up in front of you feels so good. More, more, more. Give me more.
Across all industries, entities strive to sit at the top, oftentimes at all costs. The fallout, swept under the proverbial rug.
This is Monopoly. Only, what was previously played in your pajamas in your living room becomes reality for a night. Will you fight to monopolize real estate, finance, renewable energy, transportation, or media and determine the fate of your experience?
Silver.Spoon and the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon once again deliver a conversation inducing piece of experience design encased in our signature dinners.