Miss Sophie┬┤s Planet
12459 Berlin

Spring awakening on the hard way! Not yet awake enough for 2019? Then you should get a coffee menu with 4 courses for the special kick!
Land on Miss Sophie's Planet for an evening and explore a culinary cosmos in a wonderful setting in an intimate atmosphere.

Coffee Menu
welcome drink
Sour stag
toasted homemade bread with
coffee liqueur sauerkraut
and deer salami
Risotto Café
risotto with white beans - espresso mousse
white tomato essence espuma
roasted macadamia
Wild Coffee
venison with coffee spice crust
on celery mousse
coffee port wine reduction
orange - kale mousse
black salsify variation
grilled shallots
Vegetarian:potato -onion hashbrowns with coffee - spice crust
Sweet Coffeine Overdose
white espresso ice cream
macaron coffee - chocolate - cardamom
hazelnut praline
pear compote
cinnamon meringue crunch

Wine pairing 16,00 €
Wine Selection - Glass 5,50 €

The menu includes a welcome drink and an espresso. All meals are prepared by Miss Sophie herself!
Organic food, such as spelled flour and organic eggs are standard, as well as vegetables, meat and wine in organic quality find maximum use in the kitchen.