Köpenicker Chaussee 3
10317 Berlin

Sunday September 13, 2pm

Brave New Rave
Hosts the second edition of
Brave New Brunch

We invite you to join us for a non-traditional brunch held
outdoors at the beautiful location Studio C Berlin.

 Moderna host of Brave New Rave invites Curses of Ombra International to join her behind the decks for the outdoor feast.   
Featuring Guest Chef
Caique Tizzi

 The Brazilian native and his team will prepare a six course tropical inspired menu using local ingredients combined with Latin and South American flavors.


Pão de Queijo, Salted Butter, Persimmon, Fig
Pineapple-Kebab, Nopal Tortillas, Basil, Sambal, Pomegranate

Black Beans, Pork, Chipotle Salsa, Orange
 Farofa Earth, Cassava

Salted Chili Iced Watermelon 

Chargrilled Chicken, Corn, Ginger

Coconut Dulce de Leche, Lime, Roses


 Brunch Menu Incl. Welcome Drink & Filtered Water
55 EUR

Drinks can be purchased on location.
For vegetarian and vegan option please request in advance in your booking. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, table and space capacity is limited.
!! Please Note !!
If you are in a group and not on the same booking please request the group name in your booking so we can adjust your seating arrangements accordingly.