Café Bravo at KW
Auguststrasse 69
10117 Berlin

Summer is going by so fast but not to worry we still have nights to enjoy in our secret and lush hideaway. Our next Tuesday is August 18th and we welcome Julez Ferments!  


As Bravo shuts for the day Bon Bock takes over for the night. Reinventing the space into a welcoming supper scene where we can languish in the garden and delight in the flavours of our culinary guests. 

The first and third Tuesday of every month Bon Bock presents a selection of vibrant new chefs from near and afar, in one of Berlin’s most loved courtyards. 


For a reimagining of a family dinner Julez Ferments will share Korean inspired dishes with personal twists and takes.  Join us for this festive dinner centered around funky ferments, lava red stews, nourishing banchans, and dearly missed flavors hard to find here in Berlin.  

Working as a chef in various restaurants in Berlin and throwing pop-ups for the past few years, Julez Noh recently started Julez Ferments featuring small batch kimchi varieties exploring South Korea’s fermentation techniques and its long abundant history.  Having grown up in California within the Korean diaspora, the upcoming dinner will bridge her cultural and culinary experiences in a fun, intimate setting.  

MENU - 5 courses / family-ish style

Salad: Heirloom tomatoes and fried beef crisps

Suyook: Pork belly with first day’s napa kimchi

Sundubu stew: Mussels, shrimp, silken tofu, chili oil in a rich shellfish broth

Rice & Banchan: 3 month aged kimchi, perilla leaf, fiddlehead ferns, crispy anchovies with pimientos

Dessert: Bingsu with sorrel mascarpone 

*Please notify us in advance if you’d like to request a vegetarian menu or inform us of any dietary restrictions and allergies. 

For updates checkout our news page or follow our instagram page. 

**Please remember that these events are one night pop ups and that patience and openness are well rewarded. 

Many thanks to the people of Cafe Bravo, Super Supply, and of course KW.

***IMPORTANT ~ In respect of our collective circumstance and conscious distancing. We ask that guests book as groups when possible.

We have available tables of 2 - 4 and 5 - 8. Please book as a group where possible, adhering to the correct amount of households per table currently permitted. Letting us know in the provided field the details of your party and any specifics necessary. (including allergies and dietary reqs.) We will take the time to accommodate, and make the best arrangements for each group's needs. Please be as clear as possible and reach out with any concerns.

****Please also note this event is sadly not wheelchair accessible due to construction at the venue.