Storkower Strasse 123
10407 Berlin

As a wide-ranging, broad lifestyle project, Anomalie is promising to blast away old borders. Conceived and created by the Stay Free Kollektiv, the brand new venue offers an infrastructure for music, arts, nightlife events of all kinds, exhibitions, creative workshops, sports and various other leisure activities. All events are integrated with elements touching the areas of artistic exploration, scientific research, as well as spirituality – in short: a place for a constant learning process and evolution. The name and concept were born out of the desire to deviate from the norm, the rule, from its rigidities and continuous subliminal suggestions, while underlining the ever-new righteousness of being oneself – as individuals and as a collective. Anomalie doesn’t need to follow any trends, patterns or systems - it falls out of them, while creating a deviance, a novelty, a variation. Welcome to Anomalie. Welcome to an open, creative and exhilarating visionary space in the midst of vibrating Berlin.


Event Line-up:

15.11.18 bis - 17.11.18 ab 19h VOGING FESTIVAL by HOUSE of MELODY

15.11 "Drag on Ball" kiki édition  presale: 11€ und door : 14€ 
16.11.18 ab 20h House of melody "Music Tv Ball" presale: 13€ and door: 16€ 
17.11.18 ab 20h "The Game Ball" the Aftermath presale: 10€ and door: 13€ und in der selben Nacht 17.11 ab 23h hausgemacht die Party Anomalisch nur 10€ 
24.11 ab 12h Blogger Bazaar Flea market 10€ Eintritt mit After Party
28.11 ab 19h30 Sasha GoHard live - female Rap from Chicago presale: 16€ and door 18€ 
30.11 ab 23h Noseda and Dekai Birthday Party 10€ Eintritt



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