Test Kitchen Hong Kong
158A Connaught Road West - Shop 3 - Sa Ying Pun
00000 Hong Kong

Chef Anderson has wowed us with his brilliant menus and dishes since Chef’s Table launched.  His latest addition is a sensational 9-course menu, filled with decadent and luxurious ingredients, that comes in a box and is ready to eat right away.  With any purchase of 2 boxes or more, we can deliver to you anywhere in Hong Kong island. 

Dates: 6 – 9 August, 2020

$480 per box 

The Menu

Abalone Salad

Lobster Gyoza

Akami Niçoise

Sweetcorn Panna Cotta

Romesco Egg Roll


Mentaiko Udon

Cinnamon Apple with Mascarpone Cheese

Hokkaido Raiden Melon

Minimum 2 meal box for free delivery within Hk island
(Otherwise; add $100 for hk island; $200 for kowloon)

Pre-orders start 3rd August 6pm (Monday) *For take-away & delivery on 6-9 August*

Delivery Time: 5-8pm
Self Pick-up time: 5-8pm

(Add $400 for a Full Bottle of Sake crafted by Yumi to pair with the menu)

3 Choices

- Haneya Junmai Daiginjo Tsubasa
- Kurumazaka Sakana ni Au Ginjo
- Machida Gohyakumangoku Tokubetsu Junmai

Contact Vincent for any questions: 9032-7628

About chef Anderson:

With 15 years’ experience under his belt, and worked in places from The Krug Room in Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, to L’atelier de Joël Robuchon in Paris, to The Langham in Sydney, and Sasu Par Andre Paris (Porte 12). His knowledge is vast, his technique is precise.

He has always pushed himself to work for the very best chefs and kitchens, early his career he knew he had to travel around the world to broaden his horizon as a chef, so he went on to Australia and France where he cooked at the some of the best restaurants in the world.

Vincent, “When I first met Anderson well over a year ago, he strikes me as a chef who is quiet and just mind his own business, but as time goes by and we got to know each other, and I learned quickly he is one of the chefs who takes cooking very seriously, whether is his skills & techniques, how to treat the ingredients. He’s a hidden gem that definitely deserves everyone’s notice in Hong Kong”