Since 1983, Sovino Brands has delivered gastronomy, enjoyment and atmosphere in a class of its own. Under this name you will find our 16 unique locations in the heart of Copenhagen, where well-designed interior design, tasteful kitchens and inviting service is represented. We deliver something for every mood and occasion, big or small, intimate or grandiose.

Sovino Brands is your shortcut to quickly and efficiently get an overview of the possibilities for your next event. Here we have gathered all our locations and can easily guide you through our options and thus make sure that your company gets the right mood and experience they will remember.

We take pride in the fact that our guests get a personal and present experience when they enter with us.

Sovino Brands are primarily restaurants, but our places can do much more than you know. Only the imagination sets limits on how we can transform and stage your next event, whether it's a wedding, product launch, board meeting, dinner parties or any event that may be in play.


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