MATER Fondazione

Fondazione MATER is a non-profit foundation, based in Geneva. The foundation was established in 2020 by chef Walter el Nagar, whose reputation as a chef goes hand in hand with his commitment to social engagement. The aim of the foundation is to promote social inclusion through nutrition, to provide access to a balanced diet for vulnerable people or victims of social exclusion, and to combat food waste. MATER offers high-end contemporary cuisine for all, including those who cannot afford it. It is at the same time, both a “social and culinary experience”, through selecting local, seasonal produce and adhering to a zero-waste policy. 

• Serving nutritionally-balanced meals to people living in situations of precarity or social exclusion, in coordination with humanitarian organizations based in Geneva.

• Welcoming, with dignity, those living in precarity and offering an out-of-the-ordinary moment to people in need.

• Developing a nutritional programme in collaboration with organizations committed to ending hunger.

• Addressing the challenges of product surplus and mass retail oversupply.

• Setting up training courses, organized by a team of well-known chefs, for the younger generation of up-and-coming chefs and for those in difficulty, looking for work.

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