Holy Smoke BBQ

My friends and I sat around the table saying stuff like "someone really ought to grab this idea, this is too good to leave behind".

Who hasn't had the odd, crazy dream, including leaving everything and start a deckchair rental in Mallorca, or why not open a restaurant in Thailand ...

Later that night we sobered up and fell back in line again. It's not doable we convinced ourselves...
But this time something clicked in my head (again)
I had to get this done!
With the stubbornness of a fool and tons of patience from my family I started my passionate hunt. I searched for the right cuts of meat, the right smokers and construction details, spending countless miles on dirt tracks between various bbq shacks in Texas. Holy Smoke BBQ is my interpretation.

The journey has just begun but I believe we are on the right track.
You're most welcome to join the ride.

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