BERLIN Cafe Selig

Mon 25 Sep 19:00

Bubble bubble toil and trouble - water kefir pop and flavour shock!

Come down to Selig to learn all about delicious ways to make sodas that are good on our tounges and even better for our guts. Our focus this evening is working with naturally occurring colonoies of bacteria and yeast - WATER KEFIR (also known as Tibicos) to create flavorful, bubbly drinks for the rest of those hot days, or mixing and matching for self made cocktails. Mix your own custom flavours for a cocktail or lemonade. 

Be ready - will we TALKING, DRINKING, and MAKING delicious probiotic drinks. 

Everyone should come with a curious appetite and open mind and leave with their own custom bubbly-drink creation.

contact: alexis@ediblealchemy.co
Map of Herrfurthplatz 14  12049  Berlin DE

Cafe Selig

Herrfurthplatz 14

12049 Berlin

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