BERLIN Arena/Hoppetosse

Sat 30 Sep 12:00 - Sun 01 Oct 12:00

You are invited to the biggest street food competition in the world.

Europe is in the grip of a street food revolution. All across the continent, traders are taking traditional street foods and repurposing them for a new generation. The streets are becoming a laboratory for new food ideas. But which country does it best? At the inaugural European Street Food Awards, we’ll find out.

At the two-day event, hosted by Bite Club, there will be free tasters — introduced as part of the ESFA’s new ‘mad minute’ — which will mean the people of Berlin get to try everything before voting for the People’s Choice. A guest panel, including Michelin-starred chef Daniel Achilles, ESFA founder Richard Johnson and food guru Ursula Heinzelmann, the Trustee Director of the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, will vote for the Best of the Best. 

All this summer, the main street food countries in Europe have been holding massive food fights, at the coolest festivals, to choose their champions. 

The heats:
- Carroponte, Italy - May 26-28
- Groningen, Netherlands – June 3, 4 and 5
- Barcelona, Spain – June 10 and July 8
- Paris, France – June 18
- Mariefred, Sweden – July 21-22
- Dublin, Ireland – August 5-6
- Berlin, German North Heat – August 13
- Heilbronn, German South Heat – August 25-27
- Kaliningrad, Russia - September 1-3
- Manchester, Britain – September 15-17

Now the winners, plus a few wild cards chosen by industry experts, are gathering for the finals at Arena/Hoppetosse at the end of September. 

Public voting at the finals will be on the new European Street Food App which will showcase the best street food on the continent. With live GPS maps showing who’s trading where and when, it will also contain the latest news stories from a top team of street food journalists, and allow punters to vote for their winners.

You can check out more information about the app here or download it directly on the iOS app store (soon on Android): App Store 

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